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710 Book Store
710 S. Illinois Ave.
Carbondale, IL
Phone: (618) 549-7304
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Welcome to 710 Book Store

You've got options for your course materials!

How do you decide? There are pros and cons to each option - you should choose what's best for you!

In general, if you look at pricing - purchasing a used copy of a book and selling it back at the end of the semester is the best option for a student. At the end of each semester, we buy books back for up to 50% of the new book price, as long as they are being used in the upcoming semester. Overall, you actually spend less this route. Purchasing your books outright is the most convenient option.

Purchasing an eTextbook is typically less expensive than buying the book - but you won't be able to sell it back for cash at the end of the semester. You will need to have a computer or other reading device to access content and the purchase usually gives you access to the content for a limited time only (typically 1 year).

Rentals will usually have a lower up-front cost, but you won't be able to sell your books at the end of the semester, so overall - the price paid by the student is usually better when purchasing books. You'll also need to remember to turn your rentals back in time! Rent books in the store - you can grab a book off of our shelves and rent it for however long you need it with our 710 Book Store In-Store Rental Program. The price of the 710 rental will typically save you up to 50% of the book price. You'll be able to walk out of the store with your book! 710 Book Store In-Store Rentals are available for most titles offered.

For each option - there are pros and cons. If you're looking for speed and convenience, purchasing or renting directly in the store will be the best option. If you're concerned about spending less up front, a 710 rental or an e-Textbook might be the best option for you. Some students might choose a mix of methods - just be careful to keep track of your rentals!
How do you get started? Check out our booklist to find what options are available for your class. We will list any option available except for our In-Store Rentals.

To check availability for In-Store Rentals CLICK HERE FOR RENTAL LIST or stop by our store and check the shelves; in general, pricing for the In-Store Rental option will be up to 50% of the book purchase price.

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Store Info
About Us

Located right next to beautiful SIUC campus, 710 Book Store has been serving the students and faculty at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale for over 30 years.
A family owned business, we have expanded through the years to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. We now occupy 3/4 of the Southgate Shopping Center, located conveniently across from campus. Our products and services are geared to making a student's life easier.
Our Art and Engineering Department is the largest in Carbondale. We also offer a large selection of SIUC apparel, Official SIUC Textbooks, class materials, academically priced computer hardware, software, office equipment, alumni merchandise, and other academic-related products for the entire Southern Illinois region.